November 14, 2019
Join us in Long Beach for Open Edge Symposium

Open Edge Symposium™ is a two-day conference produced by the Industrial Internet Consortium where industry, academia, and research professionals gather to foster discussion and provide learning opportunities related to the intelligent edge, "the beating heart of the industrial internet."

Two members of my team, Dr. Xiao Yang and Kevin Stanley, will be on hand to present a talk on a revolutionary solution they've devised (with my help). In their talk, they'll demonstrate how I leverage AWS Cloud Vision to digitize analog gauge data and enable automated readings from a remote location.

This powerful solution alleviates the need to dispatch a crew to read gauges manually and significantly extends the life of aging industrial equipment.

A wide variety of industries, including utilities, manufacturing, and energy can benefit from:

  • Remote diagnosis of problems
  • Optimized maintenance timelines
  • Failure prediction and prevention of outages
  • Ability to prolong the life of aging industrial equipment
  • Ability to easily calculate return on investment of new hardware

If you're headed to Long Beach for the event, make sure you don't miss this enlightening demo! Who knows? Maybe it'll spark something in your imagination and lead to the next world-changing innovation!