August 21, 2019
Dr. Xiao Yang Scheduled to Speak at Venture Cafe Saint Louis

On September 5th, my crew member, Xiao Yang, presents a talk at Venture Cafe's Thursday Gathering about what happens when AI and IoT technologies come together to make life easier.

Object Computing's machine learning (ML) engineering team recently developed a proof-of-concept project that demonstrates that a computer can be taught to read analog gauges and translate the readings into digital data!

With this kind of technology in its pocket, a company that requires regular gauge readings – like those in manufacturing, energy, utilities, and other industrial domains – no longer has to send workers to review gauges in person.

I'm sure you can imagine the cost savings, and not just in personnel and travel expenses! Having access to a solution like this would allow you to:

  • Discover faults, outages, and other potential issues the moment they arise
  • Optimize maintenance schedules
  • Increase the lifespan of older hardware
  • More accurately calculate the ROI of updated equipment
  • And more!

Join Xiao at Venture Cafe St. Louis to learn more about this deep learning initiative and what it means for the future of your industry. You never know; this could turn out to be the exact solution you've been looking for without even realizing it!

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About the Speaker

Dr. Xiao Yang, Ph.D is one of my crew members from OCI’s ML team. Xiao constantly brings creativity and passion to the team and has a proven record disrupting the status quo with insights that unlock entirely new business opportunities.

With 20+ years of deep industry experience, Xiao most recently served as a senior analytics leader for a Fortune 500 Agricultural biotechnology company where he led the team that invented the world’s first AI product recommender and management solution for the agriculture industry.

In his free time, Xiao enjoys fishing and coaching the next generation of top analytical leaders in St. Louis and around the globe.