The Trend

For mature industries, particularly those with small margins such as the freight transportation industry, new technologies are creating a massive shift in the competitive landscape ... seemingly overnight. 

My Solution

For the freight transporation industry, keys to growth will be found in three places:

  1. Data Analytics. Using data to size problems, recommend solutions, and develop plans for profitable growth
  2. Predictive Analytics. Using data to forecast and optimize daily operational decisions, such as load planning and pricing 
  3. Artificial Intelligence. Using algorithms to automate improvements within ongoing operations

Your Opportunity

AI can be applied to improve vehicle routing and scheduling, while also reducing operational costs and improving customer experience.

My unique algorithms are trained to:

  • Facilitate, process, and normalize data directly at the source
  • Transform insights into business rules that can be applied in minutes, not weeks
  • Accelerate speed to market by mitigating manual processes related to dataflow

The Shift

  1. Geo-fencing 
    • Used to help improve safety 
    • Location-based, virtual perimeters help protect rail crew members and maintain a safe separation between trains. This ensures safe operating speeds in all areas.
  2. IoT and connected equipment 
    • Enables real-time tracking 
    • Real-time streaming updates on all aspects of operating parameters, efficiency, and location
  3. Predicting maintenance 
    • Industry-specific, advanced analytics turn featured information from IoT devices – along with real-time operational and planning feeds – into actionable insights.
    • Augmented Reality enhances trainings for personnel, unlocking value from remote asset mamangment.
    • Augmented Reality reduces reliance on experts when conducting fault isolation and resolution exercises. 
  4. Predictive revenue 
    • Efficiency game changers
    • Forecasting demand in a volatile industry where shifts are due to economic and political shifts, global and local energy price changes, weather, multiple payloads across multiple industries ... you get it – it's complex. 
  • Predictive AI tech increases planning efficiency and creates improved capital plans to increase capacity. 

Technology, IoT, and advanced analytis are creating a revolution in transportation. 

Ask me how I can help your organization leverage these technologies to outpace your competition and create a great customer experience.

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