Use Case

Accurately Nurturing Crops Before Problems Occur

Prediction combined with optimization is a game changer for most industries, including agriculture, where AI technology is having a profound and direct impact on day-to-day operations.

Visits to multiple fields to assess and deliver specialized services can be time consuming and complicated. Ultimately, this limits reach and impact.

I am fortunate to have a crew with deep industry experience in agriculture, and using predictive tech, we can accurately determine when specific fields are ready for assessment based on crop progression.

By sending the right crew to deploy the right tech to optimize crop inputs and yields, we save farmers time and enable them to make the critical decisions that make all the difference. 

We improve the probability of success for individual fields that are ready for specialized technical assessment given the field's past, present, and future conditions (e.g., late planting, compressed planting, high winds, low sunlight, rain, damaged drone, etc.). We build the right plan with continual dynamic recalculation.

By analyzing where fields are located, when fields are planted, what corn or soybean products are planted, and what weather conditions are occurring and will occur, I'm able to send daily instructions to the crew, notifying them when fields are ready and what actions to assess for each field ... on time, with efficiency.

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