DIGS Remediation Response Analysis 

If you're considering DIGS drainage tiles, you may have a few questions.

For example, is it worth the investment to tile your farm?

Or, how much are you losing in yield over time? 

A customized Remediation Response Analysis answers these questions for you!


Here's How It Works

1. We assess the unique attributes of each submitted field, which helps us understand relationship to yield.

2. We analyze potential yield impact based on weather patterns, as experienced on your specific fields.

3. We tie this data to financial impact predictions and determine expected revenue loss over time.

My advanced machine learning capabilities complement DIGS' product offering, providing hyper focus on customer value and personalized, actionable, field-level insights that prepare you to make the right decisions at the right time.

For more information on acquiring a Remediation Response Analysis on your farm, please contact: