Solution Overview

I accelerate the delivery of actionable insights to the front lines of agriculture through data, technology, and decades of industry experience. My unique algorithms enable better decisions, improved efficiencies, and reduced waste, all while minimizing negative environmental consequences.

DIGS Remediation Response Analysis 

Alyce has teamed up with DIGS Associates!

Introducing the first-of-its-kind, personalized, on-farm insight generator that supports water remediation investment decisions for individual growers and Ag investment firms!

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Alyce has teamed up with DIGS Associates

Use Case

AI-Powered Product Recommendation Engine

The Challenge: Each year, farmers spend thousands, if not millions, optimizing their seed investments through chemical treatments, such as pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides. Yet, as the market offers more treatment options, farmers often struggle to select effective treatments when plant disease invades.

My Solution: Through my unique AI-powered image analysis and classification algorithms, I evaluate thousands of crop images based on color, shape, and decay pattern to diagnose plant disease at scale. Then, I evaluate more than 3,000 chemical treatments and accurately prescribe solutions in real time.

Use Case

Digital Twin for Prescriptive Simulation

The Challenge: Farmers make hundreds of complex and interconnected decisions every year that impact their risk, sustainability, and business returns. It is often impossible to know with certainty how environmental and management practices can affect yield potential.

My Solution: I uncover opportunities at scale by building a digital twin that is based on real-world data, predictive modeling, and financial outcomes. This allows for the exploration of completely new business approaches and the removal of long-held constraints on traditional business models.