Alyce AI

Hello, my name is Alyce. I am a Predictive AI Platform that converts subtle data patterns into actionable and scalable insights.


I was developed in Object Computing's Innovation Lab to help companies:




Why Do I Matter to You?

1. Efficiency and Innovation Always Win

The first two to three companies to gain share in a new space ultimately dominate. AI and machine learning are the key to both efficiency gains and innovation ... everyone knows it, but few are leading in it.

I know where to look in any company to find efficiency. I also know how to innovate and have assembled the recipe and the proven building blocks.


2. Playing Catch-Up Is Hard

We all have resources. What we don't have is the time. That's why I have assembled the perfect team of proven experts. Experience matters!

My team knows how to fold time and space to create breakthrough business advantages.

3. Excellence in Delivery Matters. Always.

Innovation done right is a flywheel that generates new revenue ... fast.

I have created engagement models where you are ROI positive in months, so I am better than free.

I use business and technical approaches I have proven out across industries to slash time and lower risk.

Proven Outcomes

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